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Welcome to K.F.A. or Karate For All, who are a member of the English Karate Federation. All instructors are CRB approved and Safeguarding Children Trained. Our Child Protection Policy is available for any inspection.

Karate For All welcome students of all ages from 5 years upwards, and of any grade or style, offering many benefits both physically and mentally. A student does not need to be exceptionally fit to learn Karate. The moves can be practiced with as much effort as the body can manage. Over time suppleness and aerobic capacity will improve. Karate develops flexibility, strength, balance and is excellent in assisting overall physical health. Many students who have achieved National and International success over the years train in Karate For All.

As well as being recognised within the educational system as a criteria for GCSE and A Level in Physical Education, useful self-defence skills can be learnt in a very short period. We also welcome Clubs from any style, the benefits are numerous.

The main emphasis in Karate for All teaching is on training for the true martial art, where self discipline, etiquette and respect are of prime importance.

Why not come along to one of our friendly sessions, to enrol contact us now for your Free First Lesson and Free Membership. Look for a Club near you.

If any further information is required please do not hesitate in contacting us.
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